Did someone say pancakes?!

Pancake day is finally here and we can all rejoice in the fact that it is absolute acceptable to eat as many pancakes as you want on Shrove Tuesday, in fact it would almost be rude not to!

Lucky for us Tesco are on hand to show us exactly what we can create on this glorious day!

This has to be one of our favourites! 1. It contains chocolate and 2. They are shaped like teddy bears, what more could we possible ask for?! Click here for the full Tesco recipe.

Pancake Layer Cake, pancakes sandwiched with vanilla custard topped with fresh whipped cream and raspberry sauce. WOW. Click here for the full recipe.

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For those of you that have slightly more sensitive stomachs Tesco have put together a gluten-free pancake recipe that is just as good as normal and doused in golden syrup, lemon and sugar! Yummy! Click here for the full recipe.

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There are even more pancake recipes to choose from on the Tesco website, click here to see the tempting ideas!