Healthy Eating Starts Here

Don’t break that new year’s resolution…

As we enter another week in January there are some of you that  will have broken or are on the verge of breaking your new year’s resolutions. We are here to help! Many of you want to be healthy in 2017 and with that comes the thought of boring food. We are here to show you that healthy food does not have to be boring with these mouth watering recipes from Tesco, take a look at these for some healthy mid week inspiration!

Chorizo and Prawn Fried Rice, you heard us correctly, we said fried! But this healthy dish from Tesco provides you will a lean hearty dish that your body will thank you for. Click here for the recipe.


Healthy lasagne click here to view the Tesco recipe – simply swap the pasta for layers of courgette!

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Japanese-style fried chicken with wasabi slaw, this mouth watering dish comprises of soy and mirin marinated chicken with a delicious and spicy wasabi slaw to accompany it, YUM!  Click here to view this recipe.

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For those of you with a sweet tooth, we think these recipes might tickle your taste buds:

A banana and chocolate custard pot take your fancy? Click here for the Tesco recipe.

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Mango lassi syllabub – a mango and yogurt desert that is mixed with honey to create a mouth watering, attractive and healthy desert. Click here to view the recipe.

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Iced red berry soufflé, this is one to serve to your friends, made in under 30 minutes this fruity feast is perfect for a dinner party, click here to see the recipe.

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We hope that has provided you with some ideas for tasty dinner and deserts and if you want more where these came from make sure you visit the Tesco website, click here.