Mum in a Million

Aren’t mums brilliant?

They say that there is no love like a mother’s love – unconditional, unwavering and equipped with enough cups of tea to put a lifetime of woes to rights. If you’re looking for ways to show your mum just how great she is, head to the Swan Centre where we’ve rounded up some of the best treats in town.

Who runs the world? Why mums of course! We think she’ll love this strong message of appreciation, perfectly packaged in a cute, two-piece pyjama set. Pop the kettle on and bring her breakfast in bed.

‘Who Runs the World? Mum’ Slogan PJ Set –  £9 – Peacocks 


Talking of breakfast in bed, Tesco have already cottoned on to the fact that this would be a lovely way to show your mum love and gratitude, and have helpfully popped some tasty breakfast ideas all together in one place. How about some griddled avocado, poached eggs and smoked salmon anyone?!

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed recipes from Tesco


Taking the time for Sunday snuggles really is such a joy. Help her put her feet up with these mule-style peach slippers, then choose a movie to watch together under a blanket with the family.

Sunday Snuggling Slippers – £7 – Peacocks 


You really can’t go wrong with chocolate. Ferrero Rocher — if they are good enough for the Ambassador’s party, then they’ll be up to mum’s standards too.

Ferrero Rocher 24 pieces 300g – £6 – Tesco


Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down with a big cuppa and a good book. Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller ‘Why Mummy Swears’ by Gill Sims will certainly be a hilarious read that she’s sure to relate to.

Why Mummy Swears by Gill Sims – £4.50 – Tesco


If all that reading has made her reach for the vino, then these personalised wine glasses will be the perfect vessel for some relaxed, early evening tipples.  What message will you choose?

Personalised Wine Glasses – £7.99 – Card Factory 


Whoever it is you choose to treat this Mother’s Day, you’ll find all you need at the Swan Centre. For even more Mother’s Day gifting inspiration, like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest.