Let the Light In: Rangoli Art at Swan

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Rangoli arts at The Swan

Let the Light In: Rangoli Art at Swan at The Swan

This Halloween, an artwork created by the local community celebrating both Diwali and Halloween went on display at the centre.

A team of professional Rangoli artists worked together with local children throughout the day to create a completely original giant work using this traditional Indian art form to celebrate both Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, and Halloween.

One half of the artwork depicts a Diwali candle to represent light and the other half features a Halloween witch riding her broomstick across the moon, Hundreds of children visited The Swan Shopping Centre to take part in the free event and helped the artists create the mini pumpkins, bats, candles and flowers featured around the central image.

Check out our time lapse film to see how this amazing artwork was created!


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